BIBLE Spoken


BIBLE Spoken – Portuguese & English

Ideal for students of the languages of Portuguese and English

The Spoken Bible is a software to study the Holy Bible that allows the automatic reading of biblical texts.

Bible Spoken - free, no bugs, text in Portuguese and / or English, works in access. Only through automatic reading of Portuguese / English, through TextToSpeach tool from Microsoft. Great for the visually impaired. One possibility for students to develop their spoken English while they study the Bible. Features standard edition (locate, select and copy verses and chapter). Requires the XviD plugin is installed so that the opening appears. Should not have or want to download, remove or rename the file "C: \ Program Files \ Bible \ bd \ ab.avi. Uses the translation of JFA (João Ferreira de Almeida) Revised and corrected.

bible spoken
Simply open / run the downloaded file, it will unpack the files to C: \ Temp and the installation will start. Click Install, all necessary files are installed, including assistants and software necessary for automatic reading.
Main problems
For the Bible works perfectly, including the original animated opening of a Bible, we need the XVid codec is installed on your computador.É animation can omit the initial renaming or removing the file "C: \ Program Files \ Bible \ bd \ ab.avi. In this case it is not necessary the XVid codec installed. If you want to install the codec, page: http://superdownloads.uol.com.br/download/i19810.html  
Software: Bible Spoken
Version: vB1
Platform: Windows
Distribution: free
Limitations: No expire
Size: 16.7 MB
Producer: Alti Lopes

More details on the program page:
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